Ephemeral Hearts:

The ephemeral lab creates a powerful, but fragile heart.

The majority of ephemeral hearts can't stay out of the green plasma, but when the scientists finally made one strong enough, you take advantage of the situation e steal the heart, to try revive the one you love.

Be careful though, the scientists will not let you just get they precious heart, they will set a lot of ephemeral guards to block your path.


  • Arrow Keys - Walk/Jump
  • X - Attack


The mobile version in browser has some issues, if you trying to play on mobile, please, consider download the apk.

Install instructions

Just download and unzip.

Each platform has a executable file, the android one is more unstable.


Linux.zip 19 MB
Ephemeral Hearts.zip 31 MB
Windows.zip 18 MB
Android.zip 25 MB


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Yay I beat it! (Or the first loop anyway) Cute game!! I like the story behind it